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If so, we may have the perfect match for you. She is an a-typical 75-year-old as she is fit, petite, has brown hair and blue eyes, 5'2" and 100lbs. She is a well-educated, widowed, financially secure woman who has been in her profession for years and is now looking for a reason to start to retire. Could you be that reason?

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Fitness is a big part of her life. She loves staying active and works out three times a week. She also enjoys yoga, cycling, hiking and exploring the outdoors. She loves the arts, dancing, theatre festivals, reading, culture, travel and dining out. One of Her favourite thing about travelling is getting to experience new cultures, and she loves exploring new food options when she is abroad. She also loves cooking with someone who shares her love of food and music, especially if they enjoy acid jazz as much as she does. She is a bright, charismatic, minimalist, authentic, genuine, kind and persistent—a practical woman with a modern thinker's perspective. She loves experiencing new things and being adventurous!
She is looking for a got-it-together kind of guy! He must be relationship ready, active, fit, healthy and well-groomed. He should know how to plan a date! He should be a natural leader, bright, sophisticated, progressive thinker, well preserved and kind. Does this sound like you? If so, get in touch with our matchmaker to schedule a meeting!

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    Brown hair 


    Blue eyes






    A-Typical 75 year old


    Trim fit petit


    8+ years post-secondary


    All types of Music, especially Acid Jazz


    Healthy Eating, Travel


    DancingDiningWatching MoviesLong WalksLeisurely DrivesReadingTheatre Festivals


    Workouts 3x a weekYogaHikingCyclingFood & Culture

    This bright, charismatic match is authentic, genuine, and kind looking for someone who shares those values. She is a practical and modern thinker with a flair for adventure. She is a widow with excellent relationships with her children and grandchildren. She has homes in Saskatoon and near Edmonton, but it is open to relocation. With years in her profession, she is financially secure and is looking for a reason to retire.


    The ideal partner must be active, fit, healthy, and well-groomed. He must be able to plan a date—a natural leader who is bright and sophisticated. Our client wants a progressive thinker who is well-preserved, kind, caring, and active.

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