Camelot Introductions VS Online Dating

  • Vetting

    All Camelot Introductions clients are interviewed in person, have had their age and identities verified, are non-smokers and have had a criminal record check performed on them.

  • No Vetting

    You never truly know who you are meeting online, their actual age and relationship status, their true intentions or if they have a criminal history. Online dating can be extremely dangerous.

  • Intentional

    Our clients are serious about finding love. They have made the commitment, and their intentions are clear.

  • Unintentional

    The intentions of online daters may not be clear, truthful, legal, or verified. Many individuals only look for physical relationships and take advantage of those genuinely looking for love.

  • Efficient

    Our clients invest in a professional to help them meet their love goals and typically find their mate within three face-to-face meetings.

  • Wasted Time

    Online dating is exhausting. Hours of searching profiles, followed by the unsuccessful date after a date, can result in dating ‘burnout’. People can be left feeling jaded and as though they are disposable dates.

  • Intuitively Matchmaking

    A good matchmaker can introduce you to the right match, eliminating choosing the wrong type of person.

  • Attracting the Wrong People

    People have a tendency to pick the same type of wrong match time after time.

  • Careful Consideration

    We hand-pick your potential matches and use careful consideration for each match.

  • Faulty, Biased Algorithms

    The few online dating sites that use computer algorithms to find your matches lack intuition and human touch.

  • Pricing Equality

    Both men and women pay equal amounts for membership.

  • No Sincerity

    Different payment requirements based on the gender of the client may result in varying levels of seriousness amongst the clientele.

  • Committed to Ethics

    There is a code of conduct expected of our clients.

  • Ethically Questionable

    There is no way to regulate the conduct of online daters. Online dating often results in a lack of courtesy and manners being exhibited. People are often dismissed without an explanation.

  • Organized

    We use an organized efficient system to contact clients.

  • Shooting in the Dark

    Dating online, you may spend many hours sorting through hundreds of profiles, messages, and emails, not knowing if the person is authentic.

  • Privacy & Discretion

    Our clients identities are maintained confidentially.

  • Anonymity

    You never know who is looking at your profile and their real intentions.

  • Coaching & Liaison

    As dating is different in today’s world, we act as liaisons and coaches throughout the dating process.

  • Unprepared

    You are left to fend for yourself. Online dating can be exhausting, dangerous and emotionally damaging.

  • Transparency in Pricing

    No hidden costs.

  • Costly

    Online sites often charge your credit card monthly.

We Offer Value.

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