Our Process

The Search for love can be a daunting task. Camelot Introductions has provided thousands of love connections that have been vetted and hand selected for commitment-minded clients. With our intuitive matchmaker process, we have turned thousands of singles into happy couples for nearly three decades.

Standard Match Process

Initially, we will discuss our standard program with you by telephone. It is essential that we feel we can meet the goals of our clients. We accomplish this by discussing your expectations and, together, making a decision to determine if we can meet your relationship goals.
We will then provide you with a list of questions we ask you to make notes about before your interview. This allows you time to give some thought to a number of areas of great importance. We will ask you to refer to this list of answers in your interview.
When a suitable match has been found, we will contact you on a Monday or Tuesday evening. We will read the profile to you and yours to the other person, always respecting anonymity. If you both agree to talk, telephone numbers are exchanged, and we ask that you talk within 24 hours. After speaking to each other or video chatting for as long as you wish, you will determine whether or not to meet in person.
An introduction is considered a face-to-face meeting with a potential match. Regular membership entitles you to speak to as many people as need be on the telephone, one by one, and to meet up to five people in person. Successful matches are usually made within the first three face-to-face introductions.
We have a dedicated 24-hour "matchline" for clients to report the outcome of their introductions. They let us know if they wish to continue their search for love or if they would like to continue exploring their match. While searching, our clients call every three weeks until they are happily matched.

Prestige Match Process

The Prestige Match service is designed for upscale professionals who desire a formal recruiting process to find their mate. Lianne walks hand-in-hand with her clients in both coaching and recruiting a potential match. An advertising campaign is conducted to recruit the right match for our Prestige clients, and potential matches are presented.

Our elite service is available to qualifying North American clients. We will continue the search process for up to a one-year period to find the right match for our client. Lianne will personally pre-screen and interview each candidate and their potential matches.

We will use up to 50% of the fees to target market our Prestige Match clients. Lianne limits the number of Prestige Match clients she works with to ensure all Prestige clients receive the level of coaching and attention required. A ‘love-hunter,’ similar to a ‘head-hunter,’ technique is used to find external matches.

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