Celebrate Love - With or Without a Valentine


Often life gets busy and we need a reminder to celebrate love. As Manitoba's only Matchmaker, with three decades of turning singles into couples, I have watched how amazing Love Day (i.e. Valentine's Day) can be for some and how terribly painful it can be for others.
It doesn't have to be a sad time for those who are not partnered. Start by loving yourself first and then spread the love. What a perfect time to pamper yourself and your partner if you are coupled! If you happen to be unattached, don’t make it a pity party. Gather up some single friends and spoil yourself. Book a spa day, a trip, or spend the day making people feel special. Buying packages of Valentine's cards and handing them out at a nursing home can make the day incredibly special for those who don't have family available to celebrate with. Derive pleasure out of brightening the day for others. Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with a card from a secret admirer and simply enjoy them.
Make a plan on how you can increase your chances of finding love. Online dating has created a set of unwritten rules that seem to encourage disrespect and dishonesty. There is no accountability nor are there safeguards in place to ensure your safety. We live in a toss-and-replace society, but that doesn't work when it comes to looking for love. Don't fall prey to those online whose intentions may be to play with your heart or your bank account. Online romance scams are the most prevalent form of reported fraudulent activity, with many incidents going unreported.
Finding love is all about timing. Are you ready to share love? Have you dealt with the barriers that may be in the way of you finding love? Have you spent countless hours wasting your time swiping and chatting through online dating apps only to be disappointed time after time? Perhaps it’s time to do things differently to help bring love into your life.
Matchmaking is an age-old profession and has been used for centuries to assist people in finding love. Working with an experienced, knowledgeable Matchmaker should lead you to love. Patience and an open line of communication are very important in all relationships including with your Matchmaker. Be open-minded and willing to get to know people. There is a tendency for individuals to choose the wrong type of person repeatedly as it is what they are accustomed to. Working with an experienced "Love Hunter" can easily change those patterns and lead you to the right love.
Be good to yourself and make it a fabulous Valentine's Day!
Lianne Tregobov is the Prairies’ most experienced Matchmaker and owner of Camelot Introductions. She is gifted with very keen intuition and is responsible for uniting well over 1500 couples. She can be reached at 204-888-1529 (landline).