Camelot Introductions VS. Online Dating: A Sophisticated Dating Concept Yet So Very Down To Earth.

Camelot Introductions VS. Online Dating: A Sophisticated Dating Concept Yet So Very Down To Earth.

"Humans are meant to be coupled." These are the words of Lianne Tregobov, professional intuitive matchmaker and owner of Camelot Introductions, a traditional matchmaking service based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, Manitoba, that works to unite men and women with their life partners.

Many components of people's lives are outsourced to professionals with expertise. For example, when we want to purchase a new home, we hire a realtor. When we need to file our taxes, we call an accountant. Turning to a professional matchmaker is no different — it is a "cut-to-the-chase" approach that makes sense in today's fast-paced society. Lianne is a matchmaker who has a gift that has enabled her to happily match thousands of clients with their ideal matches over the past 29 years. "This is finding people's soul mates," she says. "People's lives become so much more fulfilled when they're in the right relationship. There is no reason to be alone."

To participate in the Camelot Introductions matchmaking process, clients — men and women who range in age from late 20s up to their 90s — must be able to pass a criminal record check, be non-smokers, and be ready and willing to fall in love with an open heart. People who contemplate hiring a professional matchmaker are often faced with trepidation, skepticism, excitement and fear. Lianne has a telephone conversation with each client, and from this discussion, she determines if she would like to invite that person for an interview. Clients are given homework where they write down some point form notes to prepare for an interview. When Lianne interviews her clients she creates a profile about them that she refers to — in combination with her intuition — during her matchmaking process.

Lianne relies on her keen intuition and her support staff, as opposed to a computer, to determine compatibility. Lianne's assistant contacts each client and reads to them the handpicked profile of a possible match, all while maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. At this point, the clients determine whether or not they would like a telephone conversation with one another, and from that, they assess the desire for a face-to-face meeting. Camelot strongly recommends that clients do not use texting and emailing as a form of communication. Communication is far more effective in person and by phone. Lianne also emphasizes how important it is for clients to choose an activity for their first meeting, as opposed to going for dinner, drinks or coffee. By doing so, clients are able to relax, be themselves and get to know the individual rather than basing their compatibility on a first impression.

So who is a Camelot Introductions client? Lianne's clients range from everyday people to fancy people. People who are young and are embarking on a career but want help finding their missing soul mate. People who are divorced or widowed but still have plenty of love to give. People who have never been lucky in love. Single people who are in the later stages of their careers but need better fulfillment rather than more late nights at the office. Singles who are retired and ready to travel and have fun with their special someone. People with this common denominator: they are looking for true love, and they've entrusted their hearts to Camelot Introductions.

There are two levels of Camelot Introductions' matchmaking service. The first is a regular service, where clients are chosen from Camelot's membership pool and typically matched within the first three face-to-face meetings. This level of service is $1,260.00, including tax and a criminal record check. Lianne also offers a Prestige Match membership, with which she provides one-on-one coaching and engages in a formal recruiting process. This membership is $10,000, with up to half of that invested in creative marketing to find potential partners who are not necessarily within the existing Camelot client pool. "My clients have chosen to invest in the matchmaking process," says Lianne. "they know they're worth it."

Because of her selective pre-screening and innate ability to recognize potential suitors, Lianne's services are much more effective than the tired "blind date set-ups" online dating or dating apps. "People have a tendency to pick the same type of wrong person over and over again," Lianne explains. "A good matchmaker will break this pattern. All you have to do is have patience and trust the process."

Online dating has attempted to infiltrate the natural dating process. "Old fashioned matchmaking is a tried and true method," she says. Comparing her matchmaking services to online dating and dating apps, the differences are compelling. Camelot Introductions has established a strict code of conduct that Lianne not only expects from each client but ensures is adhered to. Online dating and dating apps don't provide that safety: you never know who you are interacting with, you don't know their true intentions, and you don't even know if they are who they say they are.

After years of matchmaking, Lianne knows one thing for certain. "Love never goes out of style," she smiles. "It warms my heart when I talk to a giddy client who is simply over the moon because they've found the right partner through Camelot Introductions," Lianne suggests those who are seeking a romantic partnership to give her a call. "I know there are great men and women right here in The Prairies. With all the incredible people out there, there's no reason why anyone should be single if they want a relationship."