Old-Fashioned Matchmaking at it's Finest

Camelot Introductions is a unique Matchmaking Service working with people who are looking for long term relationships. Hundreds of people have been married as a direct result of the intuitive matchmaking we provide.

Camelot Introductions is selective with our clientele. We carefully pre-screen potential clients and are particular when making matches. A criminal record check is performed on each client. Our system is organized and has been successful for hundreds of individuals for more than two decades.

People utilizing the services of a matchmaker are seriously looking for love. They are often too busy in other aspects of their lives. They can afford the luxury of having the search conducted for them. They have been through the blind dates arranged by friends and are beyond the bar scene and not impressed by Internet dating. Successful, happy, secure individuals join our matchmaking service in order to find true love.

According to H. Jackson Brown Jr...,

90% of your happiness or misery is determined by whom you marry.



Camelot Introductions VS Online Dating

All Camelot Introduction clients are interviewed in person, have had their age and identities verified, are non smokers and have had a criminal record check performed on them

You never truly know who you are meeting online, their actual age and relationship status, their true intentions or if they have a criminal history. Online dating can be extremely dangerous

Our clients are serious about finding love

The intentions of online daters may not be clear, truthful, legal, or verified. Many individuals are looking for physical relationships only and take advantage of those who are genuinely looking for love

Our clients invest in a professional to help them meet their love goals and typically find their mate within 3 face to face meetings

Online dating is exhausting. Hours of searching through profiles, followed by unsuccessful date after date can result in a dating ‘burn out’. People are often left feeling jaded and as though are a disposable date

A good matchmaker will introduce you to the right match, eliminating choosing the wrong type of person

People have a tendency to pick the same type of wrong match time after time

We hand pick your potential matches and use careful consideration with each match

The few online dating sites that use computer algorithms to find your matches lack intuition and human touch

Both men and women pay equal amounts for membership

Uneven payment requirements based on the gender of the client may result in uneven levels of seriousness amongst the clientele

There is a code of conduct expected of our clients

There is no way to regulate the conduct of online daters. Online dating often results in lack of courtesy and manners being exhibited. People are often dismissed without an explanation.

We use an organized efficient system to contact clients

Dating online, you may spend many hours sorting through hundreds of profiles, messages, and emails not knowing if the person is authentic

Our clients identities are maintained confidentiality

You never know who is looking at your profile and what their real intentions are

As dating is different in today’s world, we act as a liaison and coach throughout the dating process

You are left to fend for yourself

No hidden costs

Online sites often charge your credit card monthly

We get results!!!

Online dating can be exhausting, dangerous and emotionally damaging

The Matchmaker

When looking for love, it makes sense to have yourself marketed by a competent, efficient, successful Matchmaker. Manitoba Women Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Lianne Tregobov is gifted with keen intuition that enables her to successfully match people. She has often determined someone's soul mate within minutes of talking to them.

Her hands-on approach and strong business sense are the driving forces that have made Camelot Introductions a leader in the industry. She truly loves her work.

Lianne is also a Licensed Marriage Commissioner and often performs her client's ceremonies as a gift to them.

"The best reward I could ever ask for is seeing my work in action."



Membership Process

At Camelot Introductions we match clients from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario and some bordering US states. Our Prestige Match service is open to qualifying North Americans.

Initial Contact

It all starts with a phone call to our office at 1-(204)-888-1529.

Phone Discussion

Initially, we discuss our program with you by telephone. It is essential that we feel we can meet the goals of the clients. We accomplish this by discussing your expectations, and together, make a decision determining if we can meet your relationship goals.

We will then provide you with a list of questions that we ask you to make notes about prior to your interview at our office. This allows you time to give some thought to a number of areas that are of great importance. We will ask you to refer to this list of answers at the interview.

Office Interview

Upon arrival at our office, one of our staff will greet you personally. We understand that people are very often quite nervous walking through the door and assure you that most feel very much at ease within minutes of meeting Lianne. You will have the opportunity to peruse our "Brag Book" which contains thank you letters, and several newspaper articles highlighting our successes.

Your profile will be compiled during the office visit. We will ask you many questions that allows us to determine who is best suited for you. You will refer to your "homework" list of answers during the interview. Since the safety of all our clients is paramount, we also require that you complete and sign an authorization for a criminal record search while at your office interview.

Lianne also conducts in person interviews in Saskatoon and Regina monthly.

Call 1-(204)-888-1529 to reserve your appointment time.

The Matching Process

When a suitable match has been found, we will contact you on a Monday or Tuesday evening. We will read the profile to you, and read yours to the other person, always respecting anonymity. If you both agree to talk, telephone numbers are exchanged and we ask that you talk within 24 hours. After speaking to each other for as long as you wish (hours, days) you determine whether or not to meet in person.

The Introduction

Once you meet in person face-to-face, it is considered an introduction. Your membership entitles you to speak to as many people as need be on the telephone, and to meet up to five people in face-to-face introductions.

The On-going Process

Generally, our clients are happily matched within the first three face to face introductions. Following your matching process, and your decision to meet or not, you call our 24-hour number. You will report to us if you have met face-to-face or not, and if you intend to see this person again. If you are still looking for your match, you request that we continue the search after notifying the other party that you are moving on.

As a member, you will be required to contact our match line every three weeks until you are happily matched. If we do not hear from you for a sixth month period your membership will be terminated.

The Cost

The cost of our matchmaking program in Manitoba is $600.00 plus a criminal record check, and taxes = $674.94 (subject to change).

In Saskatchewan is $850.00 including a criminal record check, and taxes = $892.50 (subject to change).

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, and MasterCard. Men and women pay the same membership fee, ensuring equal levels of sincerity.

Prestige Match

Prestige Match is a division of Camelot Introductions. The service is designed for the up-scale professional who desires a formal recruiting process to find their mate. Lianne is retained for up to a twelve month period. Advertisements will be placed specifically for the client outlining who they are looking for. Camelot staff will conduct screening interviews, screening potential partners for each Prestige Match client. Potentials will be presented to the individual. We will continue the search process for up to a one year period in order to find the right match for our client. This service is open to qualifying North American residents. Lianne will personally pre-screen and interview each candidate and their potential matches.

The total cost of the Prestige Match service is $10,000 + GST. We will use up to $5,000 to target market our Prestige Match clients. Lianne limits the number of Prestige Match clients she works with to ensure our Prestige clients receive the level of coaching and attention required.

For additional information about Prestige Match, contact our office at:


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