As a matchmaker who has been successfully matching people for the past 25 years, I’m considered to not only be highly intuitive but also a very good judge of character. 

I am most fortunate to work with some incredible people. The lady I am about to describe is not only a gem but truly a great catch. I am looking for a special man for her. 

My client still believes in magic!  She is quite spiritual, widowed, stunning to look at and has has one of the kindest hearts I have ever met. She is 60 years of age in Saskatoon and humble as can be. She is financially set yet appreciates the little things and kind gestures rather than material possessions. She is considerate of others, can get along with everyone and is an excellent communicator. She loves to listen to music, volunteer, her family, dancing and being playful. She has a strong faith and forgives easily. She loves road trips and warm winter holidays. She believes that it is not where you go but it is all about who you go with. She is healthy and in good shape. She is warm and people are drawn to her. 

The gentleman that I see her with would be attentive, protective loyal and respectful.

He would be transparent, endeavours to make the world a better place, and shows her how important she is to him. He would treasure family but sets boundaries. He is loving and encouraging, stable and secure. He would be interested in a loving relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. He would be able to laugh at himself, and have both a fun as well as a serious side. He would have good hygiene, and be affectionate. 

My client is footloose and fancy-free so a retired fellow or someone who has a flexible schedule would be ideal. 

I am very interested in speaking with you if you are this fellow or happen to know him. 

Please call me at 306.978-LOVE(5683)

– Lianne