We are representing a woman in Saskatoon who is looking for a quality man. There is no fee to the applicant and he must be single, nonsmoking and criminal record free. 

Our client is 37 years of age, fit, curvy, 5 foot 4, with a beautiful smile. She loves animals, cooking, baking, growing plants, loves learning, new experiences, and has enjoyed travelling to many places around the world off the beaten path. She is highly educated and works in the field of science running her own company. She has a heart of gold, very intelligent, driven, debt-free, accomplished, easy-going, very close family ties, passionate, communicative, resourceful and a great problem solver. She has freedom with her schedule which is perfect for travel. She speaks French, Spanish and English.


The man we are seeking would be a good person, career-oriented, extremely intelligent, can hold his own in social settings, financially secure, accepting, open-minded, flexible, and the capacity and desire to be in a loving, meaningful, monogamous relationship


I am looking forward to speaking to gentleman who are interested in meeting my client. Please contact me at 306978-5683