Dear Lianne,

My wife died last June. She was everything to me. We were together for 53 years. She took sick and lived less than six weeks. She made me promise I would look for someone else. To tell you the truth I wish I could have gone with her.  This life alone is tough. I feel so empty. I go for coffee every day just to be around people.  My kids have their own lives and I don’t want them to worry about me.

Tell me, I’m 78 years old I have had the man’s health problems so sex is not possible. Are there any ladies out there for an old guy like me?

– Lloyd

Lianne Tregobov Intuitive Matchmaker

Lianne Tregobov Intuitive Matchmaker

Dear Lloyd,

I am so sorry for the loss of your wife. It is wonderful that you had 53 beautiful years with her. People are never too old to form new relationships.  As a matter of fact, being in a loving relationship is proven to have tremendous health benefits that are known to extend peoples’ lives. I have wonderful clients who would love to share their lives with a kind man. Many of them would be delighted to receive affection through hugging and cuddling once they were in a relationship.

Your wife asked you to find someone. She likely knew you are best as part of a couple. There is no reason for you to be staying home longing to be with people. There are many volunteer opportunities available that will give you purpose and pleasure.  It is very important to have interests that get you out of the house.

We currently are offering qualifying gentleman a special membership where they are able to meet woman for up to a one year period for our regular membership fee and a criminals  record check. On average, our clients are happily matched within the first three face-to-face introductions.  I encourage you to call me so that I can meet with you and establish which one of my clients might be ideal for you. Call me at 306-978-LOVE (5683) or 204-257-LOVE (5683) to set up a meeting with me. Love does not go out of style and humans are meant to be coupled. You are NEVER too old to fall in love.

– Lianne