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Not getting COVID-19 vaccine a common deal-breaker, Prairie matchmaker says

A match-matching service says the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dating game and what people are looking for in a partner, particularly vaccination status.

Lianne Tregobov, president and matcher behind Saskatchewan and Manitoba-based Camelot Introductions, says it’s “very rare” that a vaccinated person will be open to dating a non-vaccinated person.

Lovers in a dangerous time

The pandemic affected nearly every aspect of the way humans socialize — and dating is no exception.

Lianne Tregobov, owner and founder of Camelot Introductions, a Winnipeg-based matchmaking service, has watched the world of dating evolve during her more than two decades in the business: from the proliferation of online chat rooms to the explosion of dating apps.

But change came quickly in the last year-and-a-half, as romantics turned to Tregobov in record numbers, eager to find love amid lockdowns.

Upscale Matchmaking Service for Everyday People

In our increasingly virtual world, it’s a refreshing change to look for love in an offline environment.

Camelot Introductions offers an offline dating solution for those who realize they would welcome love in their life — and who desire a no-nonsense expert approach.

Striking a match

Lianne Tregobov has been making matches for 27 years. As it turns out, not even a global pandemic can stop Cupid’s arrows.

“As people isolated alone and restrictions were lifted, we got busy,” says Tregobov, the owner of matchmaking service Camelot Introductions. “It gave them time to reflect and to realize that they know who they are and that they want to share life with somebody.

“The first isolation was very, very difficult on a lot of people, so, believe it or not, my December 2020 and January of this year were far busier than what they were last year, pre-pandemic.”

Finding love during a pandemic

Camelot Introduction’s Lianne Tregobov explains how matchmaking works, and shares how clients are getting creative and finding ways to spend time together during a pandemic.

Share the love with sugary treats

A group of Charleswood-influenced business owners have teamed up to create a sweet Valentine’s initiative that’s sure to warm your heart — and tempt your taste buds.

The project, coined Share the Love (Not COVID), encourages people to remember others on Valentine’s Day, particularly those who might need a little extra attention.

Love in the time of COVID-19: how the pandemic has changed dating

Practicing isolation amidst the threat of COVID-19 is, well, isolating. It can be lonely. It has caused many to take a closer look at what they want out of life, including love.
Quarantine and physical distancing measures have not stopped people from dating, but the process is different than when 2020 began.

CBC Manitoba Up to Speed

We are honoured to have been asked to be on CBC’s Up To Speed for Valentine’s Day. They valued or 26 years of experience helping Manitoban’s fall in love.

Singles Awareness Day

The day after Valentine’s Day is known as Singles Awareness Day. Colton Praill spoke with Camelot Introductions matchmaker Lianne Tregobov on her success helping people find love in the prairies.

Intuitive Matchmaker has been pairing up couples for over 25 years

Talk To The Experts

Professional matchmaker Lianne Tregobov speaks with Hal Anderson at CJOB about the Matchmaking process and hears the amazing results from one of her very happy (and very pregnant) clients!

In It For Love

Humans are meant to be coupled.” These are the words of Lianne Tregobov, professional intuitive matchmaker and owner of Camelot Introductions, a traditional matchmaking service based in Saskatoon and Winnipeg that works to unite men and women with their life partners.

A Sophisticated Dating Concept… yet so down to earth

Professional matchmaker Lianne Tregobov has made a lot of love connections in her time. The owner of Camelot Introductions brings the gift of intuition, combined with 23 years of experience, to her work helping men and women find their perfect life partner…

Partners For Life

Professional matchmaker Lianne Tregobov has made a lot of love connections in her time. The owner of Camelot Introductions brings the gift of intuition, combined with 23 years of experience, to her work helping men and women find their perfect life partner.

Man Show Dating Game Could Be Valentine’s Day Solution

If you’re a guy who is dreading another Valentine’s Day without a date, Lianne Tregobov says you still have time to get in the game….

Finding Love Later In Life

 If you’re a single man in your late 50s or 60s in Winnipeg, you should have no problem finding a date for Valentine’s Day. Lianne Tregobov, the owner/matchmaker at Camelot Introductions, said our “uneven proportion of single women to men” in their late-50s-to-60-plus age range has …

Love Me, Love My Pet

A relationship can’t work if you’re fighting like cats and dogs… over cats and dogs With Valentine’s Day nipping at our heels, local experts say pet ownership is often the key to getting a new leash on love — or just being dumped in the doghouse.

Need dating advice? Camelot has got you covered!

Camelot tells you the do’s and don’ts for your first date with someone!

Take A Chance On Finding Love This Holiday Season

Single people are known to procrastinate, Tregobov said, but this is a prime opportunity for them to take advantage. The evening includes a three-course meal and a show followed by a mixer with all taxes included for $64.

True Love Built On Friendship Not Fireworks And Sparks

Lianne Tregobov, who has run Camelot Introductions for 18 years, warns those going on first dates this valentine’s day to avoid going for dinner or coffee. “Those are interrogations,” she says…

Matchmaker, owner of Camelot Introductions

If your house were on fire, heaven forbid, what’s the one item contained within that you would try to take with you? (People, pets and computers not included)

Beyond the bar and before the Legion? Matchmaker can find your soulmate

Norm Mailhiot didn’t think it would work, but it’s a good thing he left the matchmaking to the expert, because Lianne Tregobov knew better.

Baby Boomers Looking For Love