Dear Lianne,

So I’m the girl that everyone thinks has it all. I have a fabulous career, a gorgeous condo, beautiful clothes, a fancy car, great vacations and an EMPTY heart. I walk around with a “perma-smile” but really what it is, is nothing more than a mask hiding my loneliness. I actually hate my life because it seems to have no purpose aside from the pretty wrapping paper.

All my friends are busy with their own lives and here I am. Please help he figure out what I can do to truly have it all. I’m just missing someone who loves me and I feel the same way about them.

– Mandy

Lianne Tregobov
Intuitive Matchmaker

Dear Mandy,

In a world with more than 7.28 billion people finding love should be an easy task. As humans, we have a tendency to complicate things especially when our emotions are imprinted by our relationship history.

The first step is to truly understand that your love would be a gift to someone who reciprocates it. If the methods you have used to find love have not worked for you then it is time to change things up. Searching outside of your social circle as well as stepping  out of your comfort zone.should expose you to a variety of people and one may become your future partner.  A professional matchmaker hand picks potential partners who are screened and presented to you one by one. Their intentions have been determined and many of the important compatibility factors have already been established.

When meeting for the first time, plan an activity that the two of you do together. Mini-golf or bowling actually are great for eliminating pressure and allowing you to get to know one another in a lighthearted way. Allow your meeting the opportunity  to grow into a friendship. The best relationships are friendships that have caught on fire. The roots are firmly planted and love grows with strong roots.

– Lianne

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