Welcome to the world, Emerson and Evie!

Dear Readers,

I can’t imagine many careers that provide as much gratification as mine. Certainly, during the search process clients can easily experience frustration. Once they are on their way to falling in love they seem to glide through life. It is a beautiful phenomena to watch and I get to be part of it on a regular basis.

A few years back I had the pleasure of interviewing Cherise Spies, who was an
early thirties Dentist. I felt that she had an angel on her shoulder and we determined it was her grandma who had passed away. We started the search and one day I was certain that the fellow in front of me was the perfect match for Cherise. I mentioned to him that I knew exactly who his match was. I walked towards my briefcase and her business card to University Heights Dental Studio fell out. I smirked and waved the card letting Nick Brandt know that this was his match. I was so right.

The couple developed a magical relationship and married. They invited me to their wedding and had me give a speech where I said that I was so honoured that Grandma chose me to be the catalyst to bring Nick and Cherise together. One day, out of the blue, I called Cherise at her office. I told her that I felt very strongly that she was pregnant and having twins. She was dumbfounded and said not that she knew of. A few weeks later, I received a call from Nick and Cherise. They said I was their first call and boy was I honoured to learn that they were in fact pregnant with twins.

I have always been intuitive and their match was magical but this was so specific I couldn’t help but think that Grandma was up to her great tricks again! On November 18 2017, Evie Rose and Emerson James Brandt entered the world. The babies are doing well and are at home keeping their parents busy! I will have the pleasure of meeting them this week. Congratulations to Cherise Spies and Nick Brandt. I told you I have the best job ever!

Check out our website at and listen to The CJOB interview with myself and Cherise.

– Lianne