Dear Readers,

On my last trip to Saskatoon I was delighted to be a part of a very special celebration. Some may say it was a coincidence but the magic surrounding the entire event was far greater than a coincidence. It simply was meant to be.

As a matchmaker I work very hard to bring love to each of my clients. Some are matched instantly and others take time before the right combination is present. I often have to reassure people and help manage their expectations. Life with love is always so much better! Once my clients are happily matched often they are busy with their new love and have less time to stay in touch with us at Camelot Introductions. We celebrate each relationship we facilitate and are often invited to our clients’ weddings. The joy that we feel is incredible knowing that they fell in love because of our introduction.

Lianne Tregobov
Intuitive Matchmaker

On Saturday October 27th, twenty minutes before most stores closed, I had knew I needed to purchase a tripod so I could start collecting video testimonials. I didn’t have any scheduled but ran out the door and bought the tripod.

Later that evening I walked into the lobby at The James Hotel and I heard someone call my name. I looked up and saw two of my clients whom I had matched three years ago, Amanda and Craig. They seemed so excited to see me and had some very special news to share. They explained that two hours earlier Craig surprised Amanda with a marriage proposal and she said yes! They are a wonderful couple and have developed an incredible relationship. I knew intuitively the moment I met Craig that Amanda was a perfect match for him. I was thrilled that they wanted to do a video testimonial within hours of becoming engaged and share their experience of falling in love with the help of a matchmaker. It all started to make sense why I needed to buy the tripod earlier that day! Check out Craig and Amanda’s video testimonial on the right. Amanda and Craig, we are honoured to have matched you. We are thrilled to see how in love you are and what an amazing couple you have become. Congratulations to both of you!


I have 25 years of experience successfully matching people. If you are serious about finding love, I would suggest you contact me at 306-978-LOVE (5683) or 204-257-LOVE (5683).