Dear Lianne,

I have a simple question for you that I imagine might have a complicated answer.

I’m told I’m a nice looking guy. I have a good job, but tired of being alone. I am so done with the online games. I’ve been fooled, manipulated, played and the last one was trying to get money from me. Each time I have a disappointment I say I will never go back online again and then I get a tempting profile and I’m back to where I started from. The bottom line is, I’m still single and want off this ridiculous online dating roller coaster. What do you suggest?


Dear Glen,

The scenario you have described is one I hear all too often. While I’m certain there are many wonderful people who look for love online there are far too many who have ulterior motives. Working with a good, professional matchmaker is not only affordable, but it is a cut to the chase approach. Your time and heart are both precious and valuable and ought not be wasted.

Lianne Tregobov
Intuitive Matchmaker

A matchmaker with a longstanding track record will be able to assess your personality, needs and wants and present hand picked, pre-screened individuals who you will likely have relationship potential with. People utilizing the help of a matchmaker are serious about finding love and have met the requirements to use the service.

When choosing a matchmaker, establish how long the service has been operating. Check their ratings with The Better Business Bureau. Clearly understand the screening process that is used. Ensure criminal record checks are done and understand the process that is used for matching. You must be interviewed in person by the matchmaker. A good matchmaker will expect that clients are treated with dignity and respect rather than by the bad habits that are formed online. Be patient and open and have trust and faith in your matchmaker.

Electronics are definitely replacing many ways of communicating. Working with a good matchmaker would reduce the risk of inappropriate behaviour and these online games. Each one of my clients have been personally interviewed by me and have had a criminal record check performed on them. I have 25 years of experience successfully matching people. If you are serious about finding love, I would suggest you contact me at 306-978-LOVE (5683) or 204-257-LOVE (5683).