Lianne Tregobov Intuitive Matchmaker

Lianne Tregobov
Intuitive Matchmaker

 Dear Readers,

I have been a very successful matchmaker for the past twenty three years. When people learn what I do for my career their first reaction is “That must be so much fun!”  They are often taken aback when I explain that I love what I do, it is so interesting, I meet incredible people, it is very rewarding but fun is not how I would describe it!  Don’t get me wrong, when I listen to my clients tell me all about their successful matches,  attend my clients’ weddings or meet their newborn who is a result of a match I made, I certainly have fun but being a matchmaker has incredible responsibilities attached to it. I am dealing with a variety of emotions that come into play when opening your heart up to someone as well as my clients entrusting me with their hearts.

When people contact me initially, it ultimately is because they are alone and would rather be part of a couple. There are varying degrees of loneliness. Some clients have lost a spouse, others have not yet been lucky in love or have had failed relationships. They each wish to find a wonderful companion and partner. When people embark on the matching process with Camelot Introductions they are told not to expect the process to be fast. We match people who we see may have long term potential.

Our track record and success stories do make us a leader in the industry – we pride ourselves in matching soulmates.

Far too often I hear stories of people joining matchmaking services that are new, or run by paid staff who do not have the same dedication as an owner would. Over the past twenty three years I have seen many “Wanna-Be Matchmakers” not succeed in the industry leaving clients who have paid for the service simply out their membership fee.

When you are hiring a matchmaker it is so important that you interview them before they interview you. Great questions to ask are:

  • How long the company has been in business?  Being in business for several years should allow the company to have an extensive client base  Newer Companies do not have many clients to choose from when matching you.
  • What are their rating and reviews with The Better Business Bureau?
  • A clear understanding of what their matching process is essential.
  • Does the owner interview and match you or is it staff that may or may not continue their employment with the company?
  • Do they require payment before you meet? Should a company ever request payment prior to a face to face interview, I would urge you to find another matchmaker.

Finding the right match makes a world of difference in everybody’s lives. Make sure you choose a reputable service with a long track record to help find your soulmate.

If you are serious about finding love, I would suggest you contact me at 306-978-LOVE (5683) or 204-257-LOVE (5683).