Dear Lianne,

I’d like your opinion please. My boyfriend of 7 years is a great guy. He is kind, loving, generous and unfortunately boring! Our two adult children have gotten into an argument and are forcing us to take sides. Quite frankly, his daughter is being ridiculous. She was staying over and refused to sleep in the room my daughter typically occupies. She said she would sleep on the basement floor which is cement rather than sleeping in my daughter’s room.

My boyfriend approached me and said we would have to switch rooms with her for the night because she felt uncomfortable. I flat out refused to give in to a 32- year old who was having a hissy fit. I end up leaving. He also says that I drink too much, he wants us to go for counselling and I say I’ve been there and done that when I was married. My drinking is not a problem. I like to drink wine and all he likes to do is complain about it. I’m really not sure what to do.

– Anna

Lianne Tregobov
Intuitive Matchmaker

Dear Anna,

Your drinking is a problem. You may not feel as if it is an issue but it most certainly is for your boyfriend. Often people with drinking issues are the last to recognize that it is a problem. A trained counselor will help you establish if you are drinking to an excess. You and your boyfriend need to become a united front in the way in which you deal with your adult children.

A resolution could have been found for the issues both you and your daughter were having. You should not have left. Your boyfriend should not have agreed to switch bedrooms and his adult daughter should have had her bluff called and slept on the cement if the bedroom that was provided didn’t suit her. The disharmony between the two daughters is and will continue to interfere with your relationship. A counselor can teach you how to navigate through all of this without jeopardizing your relationship.

– Lianne

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