Dear Lianne,

It happened again. I met the most charming man. He seemed like everything I ever was looking for. He was attentive , charismatic, and every girl’s dream. All of a sudden my Mr. Wonderful has turned into someone that I don’t even know. He used to compliment me all the time and encourage me. He then started criticizing me continuously. Eventually he just stopped talking to me. I have no idea what I did wrong but he is not the first guy like this.
I give up on picking men. Please help me find a good one.


Lianne Tregobov
Intuitive Matchmaker

Dear Debbie,

We all have been there in some capacity or another. We meet someone and are absolutely enthralled by them. You feel as if you have won the love lottery and then the bottom falls out of the relationship.

If you are meeting actual narcissists, their personalities will draw you in and once they have you the destruction process starts without you even realizing it. People are left totally shocked because they have been manipulated by the master of all masters. Their self esteem is often shattered. I would encourage you to read up on narcissists and learn about the warning signs. Seek out counseling to rebuild what has been damaged.

Relationships are meant to grow step by step as is the attraction. Instant WOW most often ends in terrible disappointment. You have had roller coaster relationships and normal will seem boring to you until you do work on yourself. Once you are ready for a healthy relationship contact me at 306-978-LOVE (5683) or 204-257-LOVE (5683).