Dear Lianne,

So I went out for lunch with this guy from online.  It lasted 3 and a half hours.  We hit it off. Had the best time. He was really into me. Was so happy he met me.The waitress did not believe it was our first date!. That night I was performing stand up comedy & he told me to call him when I came home . I did that . Our conversation was brief because it was very late. I thought for sure I was going to see him again. I never heard from him after that. I’m in shock! I don’t want to go on anymore dates because the disappointment makes me feels bad. I  know I should just let it go, but I just have to know why.  Do you have any suggestions ?

– Funny Girl

Lianne Tregobov
Intuitive Matchmaker

Dear Funny Girl,

Throughout our lives we experience different situations where we are rejected.
It hurts and often makes us question our self worth.  This fellow was rude, cowardly and did what many people do after meeting someone online. In their minds they have pressed the delete button and do not have the courtesy or accountability to let the other person know they are not interested.

People need to understand that although computers do not have feelings, the individuals they are meeting certainly do. I have witnessed the damage that this is causing to people’s self esteem. At Camelot Introductions our clients must have the conversation with the other person if they are not interested in seeing them again. This allows both parties to move forward in their search for love.

I realize that you have many unanswered questions but he does not have what it takes to get a girl like you. You are a communicator he is a coward. In no time flat he will mean nothing to you. Feel free to call me at 306-978-LOVE (5683) or 204-257-LOVE (5683) and we can talk about meeting men through our matchmaking service rather than online.