Dear Lianne,

Well, I thought I met the man of my dreams. We met online and formed a wonderfully close relationship. We were scheduled to meet and were so excited about our future. I noticed he posted new pictures of himself on his online profile during the time we were making plans. We ended up FaceTiming and I have never heard from him since. I have left him a phone message and sent him a few online messages. He did not respond. I can see that he is actively online on that dating site when I check. Things seemed so good. He talked about me moving there and us getting married and then all of a sudden he vanished. I am numb. I miss talking to him and I feel like my dream was shattered. How do I get him to realize he made a mistake and we are meant to be together?

– Laurie

Lianne Tregobov - Intuitive Matchmaker

Lianne Tregobov
Intuitive Matchmaker

Dear Laurie,

Unfortunately your story is not unique. As a Matchmaker for over two decades, I have met people who have had similar (or worse) situations happen as a result of online dating. They buy into the notion that they have found love. It is a fantasy until two people actually have met and spent time together. It is demoralizing for you to chase a man who has rejected you.

Imagine applying for a job where you were not ultimately hired. It is highly unlikely that you would approach the employer and ask for an explanation as to why you were not chosen. You most certainly would not call and email several times if a reason you were not hired was not provided. The same applies to your current situation. This man was playing you. He may have had some initial interest but was definitely keeping his eyes open for others. The fact that he cut off contact without an explanation and has not responded to you reaching out, clearly tells you he is not interested. This behaviour is far too typical online. Some people feel that ignoring or pressing ‘delete’ is acceptable even after you have invested time and opened up your heart to the possibilities.

This man has done you a favour as his idea of acceptable behaviour is skewed. I would encourage you to call me and learn how dating through a matchmaker is so different from dating online. Our clients are authentic and accountable for their actions. I have met each one in person. Love is worth waiting for. By choosing Camelot Introductions as your matchmaker, you choose a professional and trusted service! Everyone deserves a partner who will adore and value them. This fellow does not deserve you. Do call me at 306-978-LOVE (5683) for Saskatchewan or 204-257-LOVE (5683) for Manitoba. You will definitely benefit from us coaching you through the dating process.

– Lianne