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Partners For Life

Professional matchmaker Lianne Tregobov has made a lot of love connections in her time. The owner of Camelot Introductions brings the gift of intuition, combined with 23 years of experience, to her work helping men and women find their perfect life partner.

Man Show Dating Game Could Be Valentine’s Day Solution

If you’re a guy who is dreading another Valentine’s Day without a date, Lianne Tregobov says you still have time to get in the game….

Finding Love Later In Life

 If you’re a single man in your late 50s or 60s in Winnipeg, you should have no problem finding a date for Valentine’s Day. Lianne Tregobov, the owner/matchmaker at Camelot Introductions, said our “uneven proportion of single women to men” in their late-50s-to-60-plus age range has …

Love Me, Love My Pet

A relationship can’t work if you’re fighting like cats and dogs… over cats and dogs With Valentine’s Day nipping at our heels, local experts say pet ownership is often the key to getting a new leash on love — or just being dumped in the doghouse.

Take A Chance On Finding Love This Holiday Season

Single people are known to procrastinate, Tregobov said, but this is a prime opportunity for them to take advantage. The evening includes a three-course meal and a show followed by a mixer with all taxes included for $64.

True Love Built On Friendship Not Fireworks And Sparks

Lianne Tregobov, who has run Camelot Introductions for 18 years, warns those going on first dates this valentine’s day to avoid going for dinner or coffee. “Those are interrogations,” she says…

Matchmaker, owner of Camelot Introductions

If your house were on fire, heaven forbid, what’s the one item contained within that you would try to take with you? (People, pets and computers not included)

Beyond the bar and before the Legion? Matchmaker can find your soulmate

Norm Mailhiot didn’t think it would work, but it’s a good thing he left the matchmaking to the expert, because Lianne Tregobov knew better.

Baby Boomers Looking For Love


Valentine’s Day – TV Interview