As matchmakers with over 23 years of experience, we are often asked for guidance. Often the questions that are asked are ones that relate to many people who are searching for love.

What Do You Do Without a Valentine?

With the commercialization of Valentine's Day those who are single and without a Valentine often dread the day. There are so many way to celebrate Valentine's Day when you do not have a partner. Should your objective be to be coupled perhaps by the next Valentine's...

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What Do You Expect Online?

Dear Lianne, I'm embarrassed to write this but I would NEVER dare tell anyone. I went online and weeded through many profiles. I found one I really liked and we started talking. I was excited about the possibilities. He seemed amazing. We FaceTimed because he thought...

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What To Do If You Are Frightened

Dear Lianne, While I do appreciate the match you have presented to me, I have some concerns. John and I had a lovely first telephone conversation, though I am starting to have some doubts. I am happy in my life. My new granddaughter is the love of my life. I enjoy my...

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